Finding the perfect gift can be hard for anyone. You can relieve the pressure by providing your customers with a birthday gift certificate. A birthday gift certificate is ideal for people who are stuck and do not know what to get. It is also a great choice for people who do not know the recipient on a personal level. For example, employers can get a certificate for employees or a parent can get one for a teacher.

You can create your business’s own certificates using birthday gift certificate formats. Printable gift certificate template can be personalized to fit your customers. If you are tech savvy and really want to personalize your certificate, you can get your customers to give you a picture of the birthday person and put it on the certificate. The certificate can have their name. You can make the certificate very specific. For example, a daughter finds a sweater that she thinks her mother will love, but she can’t decide on a color. Your birthday gift certificate formats allow you to add in a note to the certificate that states that it is for a sweater of the mother’s choice.

Creating your own birthday gift certificate formats is great for your business, and your customers will appreciate the flexibility. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate. Family and friends of your loyal customers will gravitate to your business to get a present. If they do not know what the person already has, a birthday gift certificate stops them from buying an item the birthday person already has. So if you are ready to enjoy the benefits of creating your own birthday gift certificates and helping your customers celebrate their birthdays, here are 5 Birthday gift certificate formats to help you with your business.