Birth certificates are a lovely and practical way to celebrate the beginning of a new life. Births are such bewildering and emotionally charged events, that often times their details are lost into oblivion. A template such as this gives you the ability to capture a unique opportunity and to perpetuate the memory of a birth, which would otherwise be tainted with uncertainty and subjectivity. This symbol of the moment a beautiful new baby was freed into this spectacular and exciting world is a treasured memento that any parent would appreciate forever.

The Birth Certificate Template is a detailed document which faithfully records the most important aspects of a baby’s birth. The rounded edging and colored framing draw the attention to the baby’s picture, the graceful lettering in the title and the simple wording below. With vivid colors and playful fonts, this template is a suitable document for such a joyous occasion. The text includes fields such as: gender, date of birth and location, parents’ names, as well as the baby’s weight and height at birth.

To round-off this pretty package, the certificate could also include the signature of the doctor or midwife who performed the delivery, along with that of the nurse and other attending staff.

As this is a template only, alterations can be made at leisure, depending on your particular requirements. Colors, fonts, wording, dimensions and formatting can be adapted, and we can also allow several additional name entries for the babies and the parents. you can visit more free certificate Templates.

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To get the most out of your birth certificate template:

  1. Try to find out how many babies the parents are expecting, so that you have an idea of how much space you need in the baby’s name field, as well as the appropriate font size and type.
  2. Ask if all of the parents would like their name on the certificate so that there’s no risk of causing an embarrassment in case several or no fathers or mothers want to be mentioned publicly.
  3. Have two or more versions ready before the big day, so that you don’t leave out the names of the people who should take all the credit for the delivery, especially in unexpected or unassisted deliveries.
  4. Print out several copies when it’s finished, so that you can offer them not only to the parents, but also to the grandparents, baby’s godparents and whoever else would like a copy.
  5. Frame it for a more official, solemn effect.