We are offering you many templates one of them are certificate of appreciation templates. Certificate of appreciation templates are very useful in making certificate for events that you organized. Those events may be:

  • Graduation
  • Employee recognition dinner
  • Small luncheon for organization

You can award your team member or colleagues with certificate of appreciation for thanking them for their great job.

Features of template:

These are some features of certificate of appreciation template which make it useful.

Spaces kept in certificate of appreciation template:

In certificate of appreciation template have space for:

  • Date
  • Year of ceremony
  • Recipient’s name
  • Name of the organization that giving the certificates
  • Company logo for the business
  • Team logo or slogan ( if ceremony is organized for a school sport team)


You can add a border to your document to make it more outstanding. This is possible by using our certificate of appreciation template.

  • Border that you can use are may be a combination of thick and thin lines.
  • If you are going to appreciate the staff of nursery school, cooking school then you can border the certificate with images of building blocks and cooking utensils respectively.


In certificate of appreciation template space is kept for quote. Quotes may be of different types according to your field. For example:

  • If the receivers of appreciation certificate are cooking students you can use this quote: “Usually one’s cooking is better than one thinks it is.”
  • For the students you can quote this “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the things you can think up if you only try!”

These quotes make your certificate of appreciation more meaningful and encourage the recipient. So we design our certificate of appreciation template in this way that it provides you sufficient space for adding quote.


  • Certificate of appreciation is customizable.
  • You can customize the design.
  • Font style, size and colors can also be changed.
  •  You can even customize the size of certificate of appreciation and can frame them.

Way of presenting certificate of appreciation:

The best way to present a certificate of appreciation is to frame it. Frame the certificate. It will definitely make your document extra special. The more you can do with it is to use engraved frame. Your guests to whom you are going to award with certificate of appreciation will remember this.

Downloading of template:

Downloading the template for certificate of appreciation is very easy. Visit our website and go through the templates we are offering you to assist you. Download it from the link given on website.

Why one should use templates?

These quality templates will prove handy and are perfect for any program that you are thinking to host. It is easy to use. You can use free printable certificate of appreciation template for many times after adjustments.