If you are looking for a free hosting plan that will help you move forward with your project, you should think twice. Why would a company provide any kind of services for free? The correct answer is only when it wants to lure you and showcase their products. And this is completely OK in certain cases, but it’s not like the services are completely free of charge.

However, whenever you bump into a completely free hosting plan, there’s something wrong with this product.

Potential problems

First, there’s not going to be a good customer support team around because those specialists tend to work only for money.

Second, the hosting company won’t have any incentive to do upgrades in order to enable current versions of technologies and defend against hacking attacks and bugs.

Third, you can’t have any guarantees with regard to latency, bandwidth and speed.

Thus, it seems that free hosting is always a bad idea. Point blank. Even if you are doing a test site for internal purposes, you’ll have a big problem seeing how it would run in real conditions.