“Cat-herding” is a profession that doesn’t exist because it is practically impossible. Cats don’t get herded like sheep. However, some aspects of a professional career can feel like cat-herding, like putting together meetings. A meeting should be held with purpose. There are goals to be achieved. However, cats don’t have common goals and neither does a team without a plan. A meeting agenda is the only effective way to ensure that all team members know the plan. A meeting agenda template is a fast, professionally formatted way to share the plan.


How To Write A Meeting Agenda:

Writing a meeting agenda from scratch is fairly simple. Identify the where, when and who at the top. Add a brief description which should reflect the goals of the meeting underneath that. In the main body of the agenda, identify activities, such as calling the meeting to order, the reading of the previous minutes, and the topics under discussion. Time allotted for each section can also be listed. At the very end, state the adjournment. However, maybe time is of the essence, there are a lot of people to communicate this information to, and it is review time. Spend less time on writing the agenda with a meeting agenda template.

Advantages To A Meeting Agenda Template:

In the first place, it is useful to have a form to fill out. The other option is to compose a brand new agenda from scratch every time. The best templates are properly formatted and follow the Robert’s Rules of meetings. Less time spent on the details of what should be on the meeting agenda and more time spent on the issues why a meeting must take place. Templates are efficient and professional.

Meeting agenda templates are also editable. If previous meeting minutes have not been kept, then by all means, remove such an item from the agenda. An agenda depends on the needs of the particular group it is being written for.

Goals are clearly identified in the agenda. Meetings that are frustrating are ones where no one is making sure that actions to achieve goals are assigned and carried out. The main body of a meeting agenda template includes space for a list of topics. Topics are only relevant if they point towards an action. Deciding on an action and assigning the action so it can be achieved is the purpose of a meeting. An agenda organizes the information to make informed decisions at the meeting.

A meeting agenda template is the map that all participants with follow before, during and after the meeting. Point out the time, place and date, and no one will be late. If there are to be absentees, then they also know where to direct their apologies, because the Chairman, or facilitator of the meeting, is stated clearly. In the main body of the agenda, an outline of all the activities and topics that are planned are listed in order and allotted time. Even the ending is tacked onto the bottom of that list. A meeting agenda template is key to a productive meeting.

Finding Meeting Agenda Templates:

A meeting agenda is a must for a productive and professional meeting. It is well worth the time to prepare one. But unless the agenda is started well in advance, sometimes it is hard to write a useful, professional one. There are many ways to organize your meeting’s information. Here are some meeting agenda templates and related sources to help you in your meeting agenda tasks.