Salary slips are one of the most essential things that someone can possess to help them with their business that they own and operate, especially in terms of budget planning tasks. Perhaps one of the best things about salary slips are that their formats are very basic, yet very professional. If you are a business owner and are currently looking to make salary slips a part of your operations, has provided a great format that you can use.

The setup of this particular format is simple and easy to both read and follow. The top of the salary slip lists basic information such as the company name and contact information, in addition to the following:

  • The name and address of the employee that the slip is being made for
  • The employee’s identification number and contact info
  • The employee’s social security number
  • The method in which the employee receives their salary (check, direct deposit, etc.)

There are also sections for how much the employee earned and what deductions were taken from the earnings (as well as what the deductions were for). There are also sections underneath these columns that state the following:

  • Total amount of earnings
  • Total amount of deductions
  • Total net salary

Also included on this salary slip is information regarding the employee’s bank, including their account number, the name of the bank itself, and what specific account (checking or savings) that their earnings amount is deposited into. This slip is then signed by both the employee and the employee’s superior in the company (store manager, district manager, etc.)