When people shop for groceries, they often purchase the same items they bought either the week before or the month before. Simply stated, there are a large number of grocery items that must be replenished regularly.

With the, “My Grocery checklist” template your grocery list becomes a shopping resource. The list will assist with regular daily meals and fancy holiday events.

A shopper can list every item that is ever needed just once. They can list the preferred store and assign each item to category, such a produce, dairy, or frozen items.

The shopper can then list the needed quantity and the expected or known price. Another column will calculate the total cost for that item.

With that information, the shopping list can be adjusted each week to fit your needs. It would be possible to list hundreds of items. They could then be sorted by the store where the purchased is usually made or by category. There is also a column labeled checked

Here you can write yes or no, buy or wait, or any other identifying word that tells the shopper what items are to be purchased that week. It is then simple to sort the master list by the check column causing everything that is identified with the word yes, for example, to be grouped together.

Then it is just a matter of printing out the list, and following it as you go up and down the aisles.

The capability of the Microsoft Excel® -based spreadsheet provides tremendous flexibility and convenience. As the list becomes a regular shopping tool after several weeks, other ways of using it will be discovered by the shopper, making the task at hand even easier.

Note: This template is powered by Dotxes.com so for another grocery list you can check their more grocery list templates.