Actually guest list is an event planer document because guest list is used to create when you have to list out your personal or business guest for an event. A guest list template always include all the information about guests like gusts names, complete address, all contact information, gusts types to send then invitations and also to contact them on the main time.

We have provided a simple and neat guest list template so you can use this one if you are going to manage or introduce any event or function in personal or professional life. An attractive preview of event or party guest list template is given below so you can take a look before download. Given model of guest list is prepared in Microsoft Word®  according to needs of our visitors.

This template will help you if you wants to create a new guest list for an event or also if you want to use our provided guest list template. Because this template is designed and developed in Microsoft Word® so update or customize this template is not a very complicated task.