Are you looking to advertise your business or services? Would you like a way to explain to customers or clients just what you have to offer? If so, a pamphlet is the perfect way to do this, and this pamphlet template can help you create one that is professional and easy to understand.

Tips for using this pamphlet template:

1. Decide on the main features, the most crucial information, that you want to get across to the pamphlet reader, then add it in the space provided in the template.

2. Include your company’s logo in the provided space so that the reader knows just who the pamphlet came from.

3. Include your contact information – as much as possible – in the space provided so that everyone knows just how to get a hold of you.

4. Choose photos for the pamphlet that advertise just what you have available.

5. Have fun with it all – this pamphlet doesn’t have to be completely serious, it can be a little fun, too.