Every business that ships goods to their customer or provides a service needs to have some way to collect the payment for those goods or services. This is called a purchase order or an invoice, and it generally comes with the goods as they are shipped. However they do sometimes get lost or thrown away in those boxes and a second copy will need to be sent out. When you have created your own invoice you can send a second copy and have one on hand in case you need it.

This purchase order format allows you to easily place your company logo in it, giving it a more professional look in the process. You can also change the purchase order template to suit your needs by editing the information right on your computer. Enter all of your business information in it and leave it blank so you will always have a master copy on hand. Then simply change the information for your customer, as well as the merchandise or service that they are being billed for. Each customer will be different which is why having a master copy on hand will be so important.

Keeping your business on top of payments with our invoice template by:

  1. List a purchase order number in the top corner of every invoice you send out.
  2. Create your credit terms such as guaranteed sale, 30 days, 60 days and 90 days for payments.
  3. Use a reference number listing for your own system so your customers can call you to find the invoice quickly.
  4. Be clear and concise on all the items you list in the invoice, including description, quantity and price.
  5. Follow up to be sure your customers are satisfied and can read your invoice clearly.