Why are salary certificates important for a business and its employees? With this document, the employee can keep a faithful record of his or her salary in separate structures that allow for allowances, taxes, rent, contributions, and doubles as a reminder that reflects maturity and sound finances.

With this spreadsheet-style salary certificate template, two major arrangements offer distinct items for comparison: salary structure (that depicts what the employee earns in terms of basic pay, rents, allowances, and gross salary) and deductions (which offers what the employee pays in terms of taxes and pension contributions). On the other column, there is ample space where to place the correct amount for each item. Flexibility also takes to account additional cells where to place more items. Adaptability serves through simple headings, paragraphs and endings that are completely customizable for the needs of the business and its employees.

To consider more enhancements to this tool, here are four tips that employees can use with their salary certificate:

  • Salary certificates can serve as evidence and/or proof of their current employment —this is especially the case if the employee has no experience certificate or the like linking them as permanent employees of the company.
  • Because this document is based on a spreadsheet, it can also be used as a balance sheet.
  • An employee can use the certificate as a register for budgetary and personal finance concerns.
  • Lastly, salary certificates are powerful motivators, letting the employee know where they stand at such a moment in time, and make them become a part in the company.

With this salary certificate template, professionalism and accuracy have no limits for anyone that wishes proof of employee proactivity and integrity.