When picking a hosting plan for a larger enterprise, you should be ready to incur higher expenses needed to get your hands on the best solutions out there. With a strong traffic flow already in place, it makes sense to continue growing the speed for both page load and database queries on a path to better UX.

Factors to consider

First, you should connect with the customer support department in order to measure how diligently and professionally they tackle queries. Getting to know them in advance makes sense.

Second, pick a VDS in order to win from full control over the physical server and mitigating any risk of hacking attacks.

Third, for those businesses who deal with international traffic, it always makes sense to pair off with a host who has an extensive global network of data centers, enabling it to cut down latency, no matter where your traffic comes from.

Look through the full range of VDS plans in order to avoid any surprises in terms of prices or technical indicators throughout your journey.