Today, you can find a wide range of various hosting plans, priced all over the place. As a new website owner you might be enticed to consider getting a cheap hosting solution, but it’s not such a good idea at all.

Why cheap is bad

First, a low-priced hosting plan is a sure sign of a negligent player. This means that the support team will suck big time, updates to underlying tech will tech forever and you might be in for all kinds of problems with latency, security and performance.

Second, cheap hosting means slow connection. Even if you are starting up a brand new site, you surely don’t want people to hate your website for being extremely slow.

Third, even if you upgrade to a good VPS sublevel and start paying serious money, in many cases it’s the underlying server machines that determine the speed for page load and database queries. So, your site might still work slowly, even though you are paying “grown-up” money!

In conclusion, don’t go overboard with looking for the cheapest hosting plan out there. Treat these expenses as a rational investment in your future.