When you are looking for a hosting plan, it can be enticing to compare various offers exclusively based on their prices.

However, the best approach is to first determine the unique needs your site has and only after that search for plans that suit your project well.

Factors to look into

First, talk to the customer support with a web host in order to determine whether they communicate in a professional and diligent manner. Getting to know the team in advance makes sense.

Second, investigate what kind of actual server machines the provider uses because this will have a material effect on performance you’ll experience.

Third, find out whether the company can boast a globally distributed network of servers. The more distributed the network, the faster your site will work irrespective of your traffic’s locations.

We advise you to start up with a VPS plan, upgrade through its sublevels and move into a VDS plan. Thus, it’s probably best to avoid shared packages altogether as they often offer weak security and low speed.