Website builders, such as WordPress and Wix, have been around for 10 years. They’ve helped millions and millions of people to get their groove on and launch totally OK sites in almost no time.

When to use

The best time to use a site builder is when you want to launch a simple site about yourself and your services. In this way, you can say “Hi World” for free, here and now!

In this case, you should get a managed hosting plan, so that the support team will be responsible for all updates and bug fixes for your software. And WordPress is really the best solution for such sites.

When not to use

But if you wish to create a corporate website that has to look polished and professional, you need to do everything custom. People will see through you and they won’t like you for using a cheap WordPress theme out there.

Be creative, invest in your corporate endeavor. Leverage a fully customized and stunning website to start attracting paying traffic today.

Using a managed plan for such projects also makes total sense.