Today, many sites fall prey to hacking attacks, making aspiring website owners wary and concerned about beefing up security on their sites. Picking a good hosting plan is a great way to beef up security on your site. But what’s really important when picking a security-first hosting package?

Factors to consider

First, always go for a managed plan, so that your host’s support team is responsible for maintaining, upgrading and fixing any bugs in the software you deploy in front end and back end. In this way, you can guard against 90% of attack vectors since many of them go through outdated plugins.

Second, avoid picking shared packages since these would generally offer much lower security assurances as compared to VPS and VDS baskets.

Third, connect with the customer support team in order to gauge their diligence and dedication. At the end of the day, it’s all about the humans acting fast to help protect their customers against nascent backdoors. The faster your provider acts, the more secure your site is going to be.