If you need to send a message to someone in a professional manner, one choice that you have is to use a memo template to get the job done for you. This makes the task easy to accomplish.

Tips for using a memo template:

  1. Be sure to fill out the “to” and “from” spots at the top of this template, so that the recipient knows that the memo is for them, and who it is from.
  2. Date the memo using the specific field, so that everyone knows just when the note was written.
  3. Write your message in the specified field, including as much information as possible so that the recipient knows what is going on.
  4. Be sure to take advantage of the space provided to write down just what this note is in regard to.
  5. Have fun with the memo. This template comes in bold colors and is meant to be used for more than just professional services.

Interoffice Memo Template,

What do you do if you are the manager of an advertising company, and you are experiencing a lack of moral in both graphic arts and copy writing departments? Well, the first thing you may do, is to quickly write an interoffice memo to the human resources department, detailing the issue and requesting any ideas on how to resolve the problem. The interoffice memo serves as a letter between certain departments of a business. These interoffice memos can address many issues. The main importance of an interoffice memo is to communicate quickly and efficiently an issue that affects the business, and requires the immediate attention of the departments involved.

Interoffice memo template is designed for ease of use. You are able to format your memo if you so choose, with styles located on the home tab. Any alterations you make in this template can be saved for future use, simply by navigating to the file tab, and clicking ‘Save As’ type box and then Document Template. Thus, whenever you need to use your specifically formatted interoffice memo template again, it will be available to you. This memo template also has fields where you can enter your company name and address, as well as other contact information such as your email or FAX number. All in all,  memo sample by Dotxes offers you an efficient way to sent communications within your business.

Company Memo Template,

What happens if a CEO decides to make a company wide change? How will the details reach each and every department in a fast and efficient manner? The answer: A Company Memo. Company memos are similar to interoffice memos, in that they communicate a need, a decision, or changes that will be taking place. However, a Company Memo is one that is sent throughout the entire company, and not just between departments in an office area. The Company Memo makes sure that each manager of every department, from accounts to warehouse, are aware of the changes detailed in the body of the memo.

Company Memo Template by Dotxes serve this responsibility very well. With downloadable templates, you have the ability to format your memo to suit your particular needs, with regards to memo title, memo date, and company name, address and contact information. Also note the body of Company Memo Template offers a large enough area with which to compose your ideas, and do so in great detail. Indeed, with downloadable memo template, you have a reliable messaging system with which to convey important decisions, statements, changes, that are company wide.

Both the Company Memo Template and the Interoffice Memo Template are designed in Word by Dotxes team according to their about us page as we are not associated with Dotxes in any way, and are compatible with versions starting from 2007 and ending in 2013. Each memo formats quite nicely to one standard 8-1/2” by 11” sheet of printing paper. Also, it is good to remember, that each of these nicely designed templates are free to download by the user. Professionally designed downloadable templates are created with the business person in mind. We choose final design based on ease of formatting and implementation by the business person. After all, time is money, and templates offer an excellent way to take care of those communication needs without the hassle of the business designing their own from scratch. In conclusion, downloadable templates are the perfect fit, for your communication needs.

Memo template (Credit & Debit),

Most items are paid for when purchased, either by cash, check or credit card. That process works well for the individual who goes to the grocery or department store and gets an itemized list of items purchased.

Some projects or special endeavor will require a different approach, where items are paid for with vouchers or through some other means.

The debit memo can help groups or companies keep track of what is being for an event. Using the debit memo, especially internally within a business, will allow the retirement party, for example, to stay in budget. However, it is necessary when making the purchases for food, decorations, entertainment and other items to report those transactions to the bookkeeper or accountant.

A debit memo, such as the template available at the website listed below, is similar to a credit memo. The main difference is the debit memo tells how much is owned. The credit memo tells what was paid at the time of purchase.

The debit memo will say what has to be paid at some point. In some applications, the debit memo will show how much is being subtracted from the previously allocated amount of funds.

The debit memo, much like the credit memo, allows a company to track of what is being spent.

The debit memo is a tool that tells you how much money you are spending before you make the payment. With a credit memo, payment is made when items are services are received, or completed.

The debit memo requires payments for the items purchased. However, it provides for a different way of managing funds and is especially useful if multiple persons are making purchases for a particular event.