Although it might sound enticing to compare hosting plans just based on the prices they feature, it makes much more sense to base your judgments on the type of site you operate. Thus, for smaller portfolio sites, the shared plans are the best, while it’s only VPS that should be used for any sort of online store, even a smaller one.

Factors to look into

If your site needs beefed-up security and processes sensitive financial data, VPS is probably the only option to start up with. It’ll also deliver higher speeds and provide more flexibility throughout your journey.

Another frequent request is having less/more freedom. If you don’t want to do all those technical operations, updates and bug fixes, a managed package will suit you best. However, if you wish to code on server side and continue learning useful tricks to move forward your SEO and web architecture, unmanaged plans should be your thing.

And for those businesses who already feature significant traffic flows it might make sense to consider a VDS so that you have full control over the physical equipment hosting your website.