When you make a sale, a sales invoice comes in handy for letting the customer know just what they owe you. This document is easy to create using a sales invoice template, and can be done by anyone.

Tips for using a sales invoice template:

  1. Include your company name and logo at the top of the document – in the spaces designate on the template – to keep things looking professional.
  2. Include your company’s address and phone number in the fields provided, so that your customer knows just how to get into contact with you if they have problems or want to make another purchase.
  3. Fill out the “to” and “from” portions of the template to avoid any kind of confusion.
  4. Fill in the items that have been sold in the provided spaces, being as detailed as possible so that your customer remembers just what the invoice is for.
  5. Do the math and include a subtotal of all of the items that have been purchased.

Sales Invoice template,

Sales Invoice template

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