Are you hosting a meeting soon for which you need to develop an agenda? With the use of this template, you can come up with an informal meeting agenda that will keep things on track and organized.

Tips for using this meeting agenda template:

  1. Be sure to take advantage of the space for including the names of the attendees. This keeps everyone in the loop.
  2. Use the provided space to include the name of just who the meeting was called by, so everyone knows who got things going.
  3. Fill in the topics that will be discussed so that everyone can keep up with all that is going on.
  4. Decide just how long the meeting is going to last and then split that amount of time up among the topics that need to be discussed, so that you know that things are going to go smoothly.
  5. Declare an official “note taker” at the meeting and mark him/her down on the agenda.