There are numerous ways of transmitting information from one person to person or a group of persons. However, if they are all similar, and nothing stands out, it may be overlooked.

Long standing, but always improving, newsletter stands out among other communications methods. With today’s technology, a newsletter is no longer someone’s typewritten notes that were reproduced on a copier machine or worse, a mimeograph machine.

Through the use of computers, color printers and well-designed templates as can be found at the following site. An eye-appealing newsletter can be created.

This template shows that the newsletter can include color pictures, articles, plenty of spot color and other information. The newsletter template can be created from the available Microsoft Word-based template and then sent in two ways. If assembled properly and using the correct size paper and a good coping machine, the pages can be combined into a four-page publication and mailed to the recipients.

The newsletter can also be sent as an attachment via e-mail. The recipients can then either read it on the screen or print it out for later viewing.

Newsletters are an excellent communications method for many groups. These include social and service clubs, virtually any organizations, non-profit groups and special-interest groups.

The modern forms of instant communications certainly have a place in our society. However, receiving something that has a more personal appeal will probably be remembered for a longer time.

The template for this newsletter was built with word and is compatible with versions 2000-2013. It can also be saved as a PDF once completed and sent in that format as an e-mail attachment. The PDF reader is available online at no cost.

All fields in the template are editable. The and colors can be changed as needed or desired.