Today, many hosting providers offer a wide range of plans with each guaranteeing certain levels of speed for page load and database queries. All plans generally break down into three baskets: shared (lowest speeds and cheapest prices), VPS (higher speeds and medium prices) and VDS (same speeds as with VPS, but get full control over a dedicated server machine).

Factors that matter

But, irrespective of specific speed guaranteed stipulated by plans, there’s a number of limitations that apply to the provider as a whole.

First, the way the host’s servers are distributed geographically. The more distributed the network is, the faster your international traffic will move.

Second, the type of server machines used. SSD is seen as the best group in terms of speed and performance overall.

Third, the number of sites put together on shared plans. Anyway, we always advise you to start your journey with a VPS plan, avoiding shared offerings altogether so that your visitors can enjoy high speeds from the get-go.